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K&W General Contractors

Remodeling a home is a considerable undertaking, but a well-planned home addition will pay for itself time and again. You can increase your home's value and extend its square footage with an impressive home addition. Maximize your investment by choosing the ideal materials and details to enhance your home's character and value. A home addition from K&W will add space and style by building up or off of your existing home design. There are many kinds of rooms K&W can add to your home: master suite, new bathroom, bigger kitchen, family room, sun room and more!

Whether you are planning a one-room home addition, a second-story add-on, or an outdoor space, K&W will help you bring your ideas to life.

Why get an addition on your home to begin with? One of the biggest considerations is the equity an addition can add to your home. The square footage added in the addition will add to the overall square footage of the house - which will raise the value of a home considerably.

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